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I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! As pastor of St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Sugar Land, it is my honor and duty to invoke the divine blessing upon all of you and your loved ones. May the grace and peace of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!
We will update this site every week as a means of staying in touch with the faithful of the parish. We hope these pages will also serve to greet our new neighbors and introduce them to the Catholic community.

                                                                                   – Fr. Stephen B. Reynolds

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Women’s Retreat: Nov.14-16

Women's Retreat Registration

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Symbolon: Catholicism Study

Mondays Starting Sept. 22nd
at 7:00pm in the School Library

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Dave Ramsey Class: Financial Peace University

Tuesdays Starting Sept. 23rd at 7:00 PM in the Community Center

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This class will be facilitated by Mr. Jeff Dodson.

RCIA Testimonials: Daniel Villasana


What was your relationship with God like as a child?

As a child I was confused about God and the Holy Trinity.  We would go to Spanish mass regularly and I wasn’t able to comprehend how 3 beings could be one in the same.  My parents taught us the Our Father and we would pray it before a trip, my mom would read to us before bed or tell us Bible Stories.


What about your teen and college age years?

I focused on other things- sports, school, serving in the military and going out with friends.  I didn’t stop to think much about God, I just lived in the moment.  While I was at Marine Corp Recruit Depot San Diego, California for 13 weeks of Marine Boot Camp I did attend Catholic Mass every weekend. It was my first time being away from my family and alone, but also a time to get away from the Drill Instructors and have some peace. I would pray to survive the upcoming week and ask God to keep my safe from injury. While in the Marine Corp I was tasked with the duty of being an Assistant Casualty Assistance Call Officer. This position was for Staff Non-Commission Officers, I was not even a Non-Commission Officer at the time. I was a 20 year old Lance Corporal. I was chosen because of my knowledge of the city and I was bilingual. Our job as CACO was to notify next of kin of any deceased Marine inside 300 mile radius of Houston. In 2004 the war in Iraq was at its worst. I remember doing 3 calls in 1 -2 weeks. Besides notifying next of kin, we also stayed with the families daily till ask to leave, transportation of the fallen Marine and burial ceremony. I was also part of funeral ceremonies for Marine veterans who had passed away and families asking for military honors. We averaged 3 a week. In 2004- 2005 I attended many churches of all types of religion, but I was only there for funerals. This experience in my life pushed me farther away from the church. I battled with alcoholism and depression to erase the pain I saw in so many families.

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Listen to Fr. Reynolds interview on Guadalupe Catholic Radio AM1430


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The Diocesan Services Fund (DSF)

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November 7th: The First Friday Vigil

Sacred Heart Vigil

In the closing hours of the night, while most people are at home sleeping, a growing number of people are praying in a monthly powerhouse Eucharistic centered all-night Vigil every First Friday in the Church. The Vigil, which draws worshippers from all over the Archdiocese begins Friday at 9 p.m. 

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Attention Ladies! Next recollection is October 21st

Chapel Best

All women of the parish are invited to a morning of prayer on every third Tuesday of the month.  The next morning is from 10:00 a.m. until noon in the daily Mass chapel.

The day includes adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, preached meditations, time for private prayer, and the opportunity for confession.

Babysitting is available by advance appointment.  Please contact Joan Ricci at for more information.

RSVP for Catholic Date Night: Nov 14th

Free Child Care  is Available IF you RSVP by Tuesday Nov. 11th.


Join us for Date Night the second Friday of every month at 7:00 PM in the Community Center. If you have been looking for a way to get out for a nice evening and share your faith then this is the event you have been looking for. We will have excellent dinner, drinks fellowship, and an opportunity to learn and discuss the reasons we are Catholic.  The cost is $10 per person (pay at the door).  Any and all adults are welcome.  Dates are not necessary.  This is just an opportunity to have a good meal and a good time.  

Is Date Night for couples or for singles?
Both.  Date Night is for adults.  We just call it Date Night, because it is a chance for people to get out of the house and have a good time.

Is Date Night only for Catholics?
No.  We are going to be experiencing the beauty and richness of the Catholic faith, but this is open to anybody who is open to it.  

Is Date Night only for St. Theresa Parishioners?
No.  Feel free to bring friends from other parishes… provided you RSVP.

Do I need to have a date?
No.  Many people come alone.

Why must I RSVP?
Dinner is prepared from scratch and we want to provide the best experience possible.  Be kind… RSVP.

Catholic 101: The Creed and Much More!

    Learn about the Creed w/ Ben George

For more videos from Catholic 101 visit our youtube channel.

Year of Faith Homilies & Fr. Reynolds

Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 2.54.59 PM

During the Year of Faith, Fr. Reynolds will be joining six other priests in providing a daily homily at  His assigned day is Monday. The link to the homilies is

The homily for the feast of St. Teresa of Avila is available at the link below.

View Pilgrimage Photo’s and More!

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    The video is from the second stop on our trip.  After visiting the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower in San Antonio, we were able to spend time at this beautiful painted church.  We had a large crowd of over 300 pilgrims and we took 6 buses.  There are still a few more places we plan on going during this year of faith and we hope you can join us on our next trip.

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3 Part Series on the Eucharist

To see this and more visit:

3 Part Series on Confession

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Cardinal Dolan: President Obama’s Remarks On Marriage ‘Deeply Saddening’

May 9, 2012

WASHINGTON—Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), issued the following statement:

President Obama’s comments today in support of the redefinition of marriage are deeply saddening. As I stated in my public letter to the President on September 20, 2011, the Catholic Bishops stand ready to affirm every positive measure taken by the President and the Administration to strengthen marriage and the family. However, we cannot be silent in the face of words or actions that would undermine the institution of marriage, the very cornerstone of our society. The people of this country, especially our children, deserve better. Unfortunately, President Obama’s words today are not surprising since they follow upon various actions already taken by his Administration that erode or ignore the unique meaning of marriage. I pray for the President every day, and will continue to pray that he and his Administration act justly to uphold and protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman. May we all work to promote and protect marriage and by so doing serve the true good of all persons.

Health Care Mandates and Religious Freedom

Download Homily as PDF

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A few days ago, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a mandate requiring all insurers to provide coverage for contraception, sterilization, and chemical abortions (abortifacients).   Under the new rules, all employers, without consideration of their moral convictions, will be forced to pay for insurance whose provisions may violate their consciences.  These arrangements apply to secular and religious institutions, including the apostolic works of the Catholic Church.

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Cardinal DiNardo’s statement on the Department of Health and Human Services


As shepherd of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and chair of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, I am distressed to learn that the Department of Health and Human Services’ mandate that sterilization, abortifacients and contraception be included in virtually all health plans is being upheld. This mandate gravely compromises religious liberty.

The contraceptive/sterilization mandate imposed on health plans by HHS violates religious freedom, which is guaranteed by the First Amendment and several federal laws. Forcing all employers to buy coverage for sterilization and contraceptives, including drugs that induce abortion, is a radical incursion into religious liberty and freedom of conscience.

HHS’s mandate includes an incredibly narrow exemption for “religious employers” that protects almost no one. Those who sponsor, purchase and issue health plans should not be forced to violate their deeply held moral and religious convictions in order to take part in the health care system or provide for the needs of their families, their employees or those most in need.

Today’s announcement that the mandate and its very narrow exemption will not change is deeply disappointing to me. As Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said, “To force American citizens to choose between violating their consciences and forgoing their health care is literally unconscionable. It is as much an attack on access to health care as on religious freedom.”

I join my brother bishops, fellow Catholics and all people of goodwill who prize religious liberty as a cornerstone of our common life in expressing strong opposition to the HHS mandate.

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St. Theresa Catholic Church Sugar Land Texas

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Tithing Made Simple

St. Theresa’s now has an online giving option for all collections throughout the year.  There is a link at the bottom of this paragraph.

This option is a great way to support your church, honor the Lord, and better budget your resources as you plan to regularly contribute to the life and mission of the Church. Click Here to Register

Monthly Pro-Life Rosary

  The first Sunday of each month we are praying the Rosary to end abortion.  We will be praying the Rosary at 6:30 a.m. inside the Church and after the 10 a.m. mass outside in front of the Right to Life Monument.

Why Do We Need a New Translation?


The most common questions asked regarding the new translation of the Roman Missal, is “Why do we need a new translation?” and “What is wrong with what we have?”

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Our Kids Can Chant!

St. Theresa’s little Catholic School is getting recognition from around the interwebs. With several thousand hits, this 2-minute video has been a recent phenomenon on the popular Catholic blogs.

Listening to these children sing and then talk about what they are doing, might give you a sense of how we found a long term “new evangelization”. – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf of

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